How To Watch The Boston Bruins Without Cable (2024)

How To Watch The Boston Bruins Without Cable (1)

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The Boston Bruins are fighting for their seasons life against the Florida Panthers in the Eastern Conference NHL Playoff’s. Currently down 3-1, will the Bruins be able to muster up some magic on the ice and survive to see another day? You won’t want to miss out on an epic comeback if they can pull it off.

If you’re a fan hoping to catch the Boston Bruins playoff games and a possible push to the Stanley Cup, we’re here to help. This guide shows you which channels you need and the best sports streaming services offering these channels.

What Channels Are Boston Bruins Playoff Games On?

To stream playoff action, Bruins fans want a service offering ESPN, TNT, TBS, and ABC. NESN, and ESPN Plus are great for out of market regular season games. ESPN Plus is unique, as it’s a standalone service you can purchase through ESPN or bundle with it a Hulu subscription. Below is a glance at which services offer the most channels you’ll need.

Hulu + Live TVYouTube TVFubo

Watch the Boston Bruins on Sling TV (Featured partner)

PlanCost per MonthChannelsFree Trial
Orange & Blue$5547+No

Bruins fans will love the fact that Sling TV packages offers affordable options. You can stream games on ESPN, TBS, and TNT with the Sling Orange package. It allows you to catch the remaining live playoff contests.

On top of that, Sling TV offers local channels in select markets. And if you don’t have access to ABC, you can buy a digital antenna to supplement coverage. The only drawback is the service doesn’t carry NESN.Each of Sling TV’s plans comes with 50 hours of DVR. Or, upgrade to 200 hours for another $5 per month, giving you a good mix of features and value.

Watch the Boston Bruins on DIRECTV STREAM

PlanCost per MonthChannelsFree Trial

DIRECTV STREAM is one of the best ways for hockey fans to stream games. Each of the platform’s packages feature ESPN, TNT, TBS and ABC. This is the perfect hat trick of channels, in that you can stream regular season NHL games and postseason games live.With the DIRECTV STREAM free trial, you can catch a few games for free before fully committing to the service.

The only drawback might be DIRECTV STREAM’s prices. With packages among the most expensive options to consider, you’ll still be getting one of the most bang for your bucks with this streaming service. And if you want access to NESN, you’ll need the Choice package or above.That said, the service comes with unlimited device streams, a feature you won’t find with other platforms. And every plan features unlimited recording space, giving you the ability to record the rest of the Bruins games.

Watch the Boston Bruins on Hulu + Live TV

PlanCost per MonthChannelsFree Trial
Hulu + Live TV$76.9995+Yes
Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV$89.9995+Yes

At this time of the season, Hulu + Live TV plans are one of the best option for Bruins fans. In their package, you receive ESPN, ABC, TBS, and TNT. Moreover, you’ll receive unlimited recording space to record the rest of Boston’s playoff games.

And if you bundle live TV with the Disney bundle, you receive access to Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus’s libraries of on-demand content. More importantly, you have a subscription to ESPN Plus. It allows hockey fans to catch out-of-market and playoff contests live. Hulu + Live TV doesn’t have NESN, but at this point of the season it means you’ll only miss a few games.

Watch the Boston Bruins on YouTube TV

PlanCost per MonthChannelsFree Trial
Base Plan$72.99100+Yes

YouTube TV features unlimited recording room on top of its large channel selection. The service also makes it easy to set up recordings. All you have to do is select the next Bruins game and follow the prompts to have every game recorded for the rest of the season. On top of this, YouTube TV is one of the few streaming platforms to not raise their prices every year.

Bruins fans will also enjoy the networks featured: ESPN, ABC, TBS, and TNT. This allows you to stream some of the remaining regular season contests and many of the playoff games. However, you won’t have access to NESN.You’ll likely still need the content on ESPN Plus to supplement coverage. However, on its own, YouTube TV features ample entertainment options to make it an appealing choice.

Watch the Boston Bruins on Fubo

PlanCost per MonthChannelsFree Trial

Fubo is one of the best values for sports and entertainment fans. With 1,000 hours of DVR, and regional sports available, Fubo is great for regular season streaming out of market games. You also receive access to 10 device streams, making it a perfect option for larger households.

Moreover, each of Fubo’s plans comes with ESPN, NESN, and ABC. In turn, you can catch some regular and postseason action. The only downside is that Fubo doesn’t come with TBS or TNT. Considering TNT airs early rounds of playoff games and one conference final, you’ll need to supplement coverage with ESPN Plus.

Watch the Boston Bruins on ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus is one of the best ways for hockey fans to catch out-of-market games and playoff contests that are not airing on national networks. Throughout the season, the platform will air over 1,000 NHL games. On top of this, you’ll receive access to hockey-specific content like shows, analysis, and much more.

Bruins fans can buy ESPN Plus for $10.99 through ESPN. You can also choose the Disney bundle for $14.99 per month. And, if you plan to have a live TV streaming service, Hulu + Live TV allows you to package their live TV service with the Disney bundle for $76.99 per month.


What is the best streaming service for the Bruins game?

Hulu + Live TV is the best option for Bruins fans this late into the season. The service comes with ESPN, ABC, and TNT. If you choose to bundle live TV with Disney’s bundle, you’ll also receive ESPN Plus.

Can you subscribe to just NESN?

Yes, NESN has a digital subscription that allows New England residents a chance to stream Boston Bruins games live. However, with it being at the end of the season, the focus should shift to having a service with ESPN, ABC, and TNT since these are the channels airing many playoff games.

Can I watch NHL on Amazon Prime?

In the past, the NHL aired a few contests on Amazon Prime. Now, you’ll need a subscription to a streaming platform to catch games on national and regional networks.

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How To Watch The Boston Bruins Without Cable (2024)


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