New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (2024)

June 25, 2012Bundles,Wizard101

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New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (1)

Right under our noses, KingsIsle released a brand new $39 card at local Target stores! However, at this point, you've got plenty of houses, and they decided to try something new - a sigil-lit gauntlet with amazing XP rewards, a news badge, and a variety of cool drops!

This brand new card, pictured below, features a small instance that can be placed in your house - the Midnight Sun Pagoda! You'll also receive a set or two of cool, Sohei Gear and a Hankyu Bow! As if that weren't enough, you'll get a Shaolin Monkey pet, which is shown on the card. You'll also get a Run Run Rikshaw mount, which is a Rikshaw (or Rickshaw) that your wizard sits in, and, as is traditional, is pulled. In this case, a small sheep is pulling the cart. You can also choose a one-month membership or 5000 crown bonus!

New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (2)

The card was just released today, so the details on the pet talents and gear statistics are still yet to be discovered, but many users, including myself, got access to the Pagoda Gauntlet! (Remember, throughout this post, you can click for full-size images!)

New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (3)

Me, Kelsey (of Stars of the Spiral), Anthony (of Legends of the Spiral), and Cody all decided to take on the new gauntlet!

Once inside, here's the breakdown of what you'll be doing. The first floor has a bunch of health and mana wisps, so gather them while you can. There are also mini-game sigils if you'd like to play a game or two, fill up potion bottles, etc. You should note that, once inside the instance, you cannot leave back to the house. The exit is a Spiral door.

Basically, you'll have some quick dialogue about a master under a dark spell. You're, of course, sent to investigate.

New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (4)

Inside, there are a variety of creatures. Based on your levels, the instance may be worth more of less experience. With 70-80s, we've found that 47,000 experience is about right. The creatures all have varying amounts of health and different looks, too.

New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (5)

Every battle here will have four enemies. The first two floors are just your classic mobs, but the third floor has a 9,950 health boss (if you have the right levels for it) and three minions. He has several minor cheats, but nothing to really worry about. I believe these involve the removal of shields you place on yourself. He will only use this cheat on the person in the first position.

The third level is more mobs, but the fourth level is a puzzle. You must collect the gravestones in order - oldest to newest. It isn't too hard. Click the image below for full-size and more detail. The one in the front, and to the right is the oldest, the one in the back on your left is next. Then, pick the one in the front to your left, and finally, the one in back to your right.

New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (6)

If you fail the puzzle (*cough* Anthony), you'll have to fight more mobs!

New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (7)

Next up, you'll meet the "master" under a dark spell, leading four of his students. They complain that his ways are evil, but vow to follow him anyway. Yeah, that's a tad inconvenient for you...

New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (8)

They like to use Time Bombs and a number of other cheats. The first round, a mass infection will be cast on you, but won't be replaced, so you can use a minor healing spell or wait for your pet to use Spritely. Then, they will repeatedly use Legion Shields (30% shield to all), so get some Earthquake or DoTs ready!

Despite the fact that there's four, you shouldn't use AoEs if you want to avoid cheats (though they aren't terribly severe). If you do, the Storm will use a Storm Lord with no stun, and the Balance will use Major Blessing (175 healing) on all remaining enemies, including himself.

After that, you've reached the final portion of the gauntlet! This last battle is pretty wild. Here's the real enemy - the on who imprisoned Yoshinobu! Kaizoku, on the end, is the cheater! He'llperiodically use a Star-based attack that deals several hundred damage on any number of his opponents. It is still unknown whether or not having certain buffs or debuffs helps with this cheat.

New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (9)

Oddly enough (probably due to a glitch), he will randomly begin attacking himself with basic hits doing 450 damage... over, and over, and over. While this is probably intended, the number of times the hit is performed is not. After using almost anything, he'd begin hitting himself repeatedly. He quickly killed himself off for us. The others do not appear to cheat, so kill them as you please.

New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (10)

Finally, your hard work pays off! You get a lovely 47,000 XP or so, plus a shiny new badge - and the longest one yet! You can now be a Master of Karate and Friendship. As you can see, it looks quite strange in your badge book because it's so long!

Thanks, Kelsey, Anthony, and Cody for the run! It was fun! This is one card I definitely won't be missing out on!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

New Wizard101 Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and a Walkthrough! (2024)


What level should you be for Pagoda of Harmony? ›

It requires level 25 and above. I've taken wizards at levels 42, 73, and 48 through and I have to say I think this would be very tough for a level 25 to solo. The first dungeon is pretty easy but the final section of the second dungeon is pretty tough. Major Talbot in the Oasis gives you the quest.

How to get pet experience in Wizard101? ›

Pick snacks that boost the stats that you feel will help your pet's talents, and also give pet XP. The best snacks in the game give 50-60 EXP. These are a special type of snack called mega snacks. These can be obtained by crafting, defeating certain bosses, gardening, or by purchasing packs in the crown shop.

How to get gauntlets in Wizard101? ›

The Sinbad Gauntlet is also known as the Metallos Instance. This can be obtained by crafting the gauntlet using reagents found the Sinbad's Hoard Pack, or bought off the Wizard101 website. There are four battles in this instance along with an optional side boss.

What are the tiers in Wizard101 pagoda? ›

Location:Midnight Sun Pagoda
  • Tier 1: Levels 1-19.
  • Tier 2: Levels 20-39.
  • Tier 3: Levels 40-59.
  • Tier 4: Levels 60-79.
  • Tier 5: Levels 80-170.
Jul 4, 2024

How do you unlock Pagoda of Harmony? ›

At the top of the Pagoda is a locked door that is opened with a special key. Behind the door is a Treasure Chest filled with goodies. Wooden Skeleton Keys are randomly dropped by several bosses in the Pagoda Of Harmony and Hollow Mountain.

How to get a wooden skeleton key in wizard101? ›

The easiest place to farm for wooden skeleton keys would be the Pagoda of Harmony. There are three easy battles there; the third battle is the boss that has a chance of dropping them—Tsutsui. It appears that there are quite a few people who like farming wooden keys here.

Where is the secret shop in Wizard101? ›

The portal to the secret shop is in the Oasis. If you go to Wul Yahm's island, you may have noticed to random obelisks with a portal that doesnt work. You will also see five"dots" with some lit up, and some that arent.

How do you unlock other Gauntlets? ›

Here are the requirements for unlocking each of the four Gauntlet runs:
  1. Divine Heir: Beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. ...
  2. Shura: Complete the Shura ending of Sekiro.
  3. Severance: Complete any non-Shura ending in a Sekiro playthrough. ...
  4. Mortal Journey: Complete the Divine Heir, Shura, and Severance Gauntlets of Strength.
Jul 27, 2022

How to get unforgiven dead gauntlet? ›

The recipe for the Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet can be found at Lloyd Fallingwater in the Shopping District. It will require 20x Peat, 10x Fortified Peat and 5x Enriched Peat to craft. Lloyd also has transmute recipes for Fortified and Enriched Peat if you find yourself short of the rarer reagents.

What is the strongest class in Wizard101? ›

Here is a list of the schools in the order of their strength, along with their average strength.
  • Storm (478)
  • Fire (368)
  • Myth (365)
  • Ice (359)
  • Death (333)
  • Life (323)
  • Balance (292)

How many crowns do you need to beat Wizard101? ›

Actually it cost 179,275 crowns to buy all the worlds and dungeons from Wizard City to Empyrea part 2. That is about $180.00 if you get the crowns on sale at 60,000 for $60.00, that sale comes often.

How do you get Gauntlets? ›

The Gauntlet can be found by entering the Gauntlet Portal, found in the north-western part of Prifddinas. Players cannot bring any items into the Gauntlet; when entering the minigame, all items currently on the player will be automatically stored for its duration.

What quest unlocks the gauntlet? ›

The Gauntlet is a part of the Taken For a Ride quest. IGN's complete wiki guide and walkthrough to Fallout 4 will help you navigate every deadly corner of this sinister maze. Before engaging The Gauntlet, equip yourself with your best armor and abundant ammunition.

How do you unlock Gauntlets of strength? ›

Upon completing any ending for the first time during a playthrough, Gauntlet of Strength will become available at any Sculptor's Idol. A Gauntlet of Strength is a series of consecutive battles against the memories of previously defeated bosses.

How do you get rides in Wizard101? ›

You can buy a permanent mount in the crown shop with Gold. There are many inexpensive gold bought mounts available. that is labeled, "Gold". Earn the gold and buy one.


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