Safar Flyer: earn/redeem miles with family account (2024)

Your miles Safar Flyer are systematically transferred to the family account

Safar Flyer Family The Family account is created from the individual accounts of family members. They keep the same Safar Flyer number as well as all the accumulated miles which are automatically transferred to the Family account, so they are all recorded on the same account.

Any member over 18 years of age can request the Family Account and thereby becomes the guardian of the account. He can thus act on the Family Account to request bonuses, update the profile, request the addition of a member, and dissolve the account.The membership form is available in all Royal Air Maroc agencies and can be downloaded from the program website.

Loyalty program for families

A single Safar Flyer account for the whole family? It is possible, your parents, your children aged 2 to 26, … and your spouses will be able to benefit from your Miles accumulated during your cheap flights with Royal Air Maroc. With quick access to the Safar Family account directly online, you can add members and enjoy a 5-year expiration period for all your Miles.

All points will be combined in the Safar Family account as soon as a member accumulates direct Miles, bonuses or promotions. And all members will also keep their personal accounts with their loyalty cards and each of them will be able to access their individual account directly on the official Royal Air Maroc website.

With this option, award tickets are requested more easily by the guardian of the family account in order to benefit one or more members of them.

To register, you just need to download the membership form uploaded by the team.

How does it work ?

Do you want to obtain Safar Flyer bonuses rapidly? Just ask for the «Family account»

Just one Miles account for the whole family.

As a beneficiary of the family account, the Miles earned by you and your family (spouse and children), with Royal Air Maroc and Safar Flyer partners are credited on the same account, in other words, the family account.

Each time you and members of your family use their respective Safar Flyer cards, you accumulate Miles that will be recorded on your respective personal cards before be jointly recorded on your Family account. The personal account continues its validity and is used to record your Miles so you can graduate to Silver and Gold. The Family account records all the Miles for all family members and enables you to quickly earn Safar Flyer bonuses.

Free tickets, faster than you could ever imagine

With the family account, you can rapidly obtain free air tickets and other bonuses. For example, if you are a family of four, all you have to do is take 2 round trips Casablanca – Montreal each, to obtain a free ticket in the same class and same destination for you or another person of your choice.

Safar Family: the family spirit always has advantages

– Safar Flyer rewards faster than you think

Do you want quick access to Safar Flyer rewards? Apply for the “Safar Family” program by pooling your miles on a common account!

With the Safar Family account, you have faster access to award tickets and other awards: excess baggage, upgrade to Business class … The award request is made by the Account Guardian, for himself or for the benefit of another member.

One Miles account for the whole family

The Miles earned by yourself and by members of your family (grandparents, parents and children aged 2 to 26) with Royal Air Maroc and with Safar Flyer partners are grouped together on the same account, the Safar Family account. .

To benefit from the advantages of the Safar Family program, each member of your family must first be registered in the Safar Flyer program.

When creating a Safar Family account, each member will keep their Blue, Silver or Gold card and continue to benefit from the advantages linked to their card level by accumulating status miles in their individual account.

A guardian must be appointed to manage the account (one of the grandparents, parents or children over 18).

Only the guardian will be authorized to designate the members of his family that he wishes to integrate into the Safar Family account.

Whenever a family member indicates their individual Safar Flyer card number when purchasing the ticket, the award miles are automatically transferred to the family account. This also applies when family members are not traveling. together.

Status miles are visible on each individual account

The validity of miles on the Safar Family account follows the same rules as on individual accounts.

Safar Flyer: earn/redeem miles with family account (2024)


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